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Opblaasbaar reddingsvest Viking PV9345, 275N SOLAS

Productcode 114503
Opblaasbaar reddingsvest Viking PV9345, 275N SOLAS

Kleur: rood
Drijfvermogen: 275 N
Afmetingen (ingepakt): 62x30x8cm
Afmetingen (opgeblazen): 77x53x19cm
Drijflichaam: PU gecoate nylon, gelast met dubbele compartiment
Activering: 1e compartiment automatisch, handmatig of via opblaasventiel 2e compartiment handmatig of via opblaasventiel
CO2 cilinder: 2 stuks a 60 gram
Striping: 8 reflectie strips, 50x100mm op het drijflichaam
Voorzien van: SOLAS reddingvestlicht, fluit, kruisband

Inflatable life jacket Viking PV9345, 275N SOLAS

Type: Automatical Lifejacket.
Colour: Red
Buoyancy: 275 N
Dimensions (packed): 62x30x8cm
Dimensions (inflated): 77x53x19cm
Weight: 2,0 kg
Buoyancy chamber: PU coated nylon. Welded. Double compartment via membrane
Cover: Coated nylon
Inflation: The primary compartment can be automatically, manually or orally inflated. The secondary compartment can be manually or orally inflated.
CO2 cylinder: 2 x 60 g CO2 cylinders
Retro- reflective trim: Eight retro-reflective trim, 50x100 mm, fitted to the buoyancy chamber
Miscellaneous: Provided with SOLAS approved light, whistle, crutch strap and lifting becket
Spare parts: CO2 cylinder, indicator clip + bobbin complete: 1021469. Light: 1012426
Main applications: Passenger ships, Cargo ships, Fishing Vessels and Off-shore
Approvals: Approved acc. to EU Council Directive 96/98/EC on Marine Equipment